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Aloe Veterinary Formula

Aloe Veterinary Formula is made with a high percentage of Stabilised Aloe Vera Gel, used for its moisturising action. It is ideally suited for minor cuts, abrasions, bruises and chafes. It's also great for grooming; just spray it directly on the coat after bathing for shine and condition. Used as a leg wash, it can soothe after heavy exercise. £14.40

Aloe MPD Detergent

Multi-purpose, biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and economical liquid concentrate for use as a highly effective cleanser and disinfectant for grooming equipment and for washing blankets and numnahs, tack and feed-bins. The non-abrasive Aloe Vera content
makes it mild and safe to use. It is even excellent for tail-whitening. £19.36

Aloe Drinks

Aloe Vera Gel or Aloe Berry Nectar

(1 litre) (£20.22)

Aloe vera drinks are liquid dietary foods consisting of the stabilised inner leaf gel of the plant which contains over 75 known nutrients, in a natural balance that helps to maintain all the signs of a healthy animal. Suitable for all, the liquids are readily absorbed into normal feeds although some animals prefer them in their water. The drinks have a tonic effect, maintaining a healthy appetite, suppleness of joints and revitalising energy levels. Aloe Vera also has a soothing effect.

Forever Freedom (1 litre) £27.61

Forever Freedom, in a breakthrough formula, has combined the most complete range of nutrients on the market today, essential for the maintenance of healthy joint function and mobility. This tremendous combination drink helps with the signs of joint ageing and wear and tear which occur over the years.


Bee Pollen

(100 tablets – 500 mg each) £12.22

Bee pollen provides a wide spectrum of essential nutrients. Each is required to maintain perfect health. These include all vitamins of the B-complex and vitamin C. Since these are water soluble, they should be taken daily. Bee pollen also contains vitamins D, E, K and beta-carotene (vitamin A). It is a rich source of numerous minerals, (with calcium and phosphorous in an almost 1:1 ratio), enzymes and co-enzymes, plant-source fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins and 22 amino acids - including all eight "essential" amino acids which the body cannot manufacture for itself.

Topical Products

Aloe Vera Gelly (118ml) £11.89

This unique lotion has outstanding humectant and moisturising properties. It also contains collagen and elastin. It can be used as a topical preparation to soothe skin irritations, including minor cuts, stings and abrasions. It is a thick gel with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which lubricates and soothes damaged tissue in sensitive areas.

Aloe Propolis Crème (113g) £14.56

One of our most popular products for humans, this rich soothing cream is equally beneficial for animals. An excellent skin moisturiser and conditioner, it’s a rich blend of Stabilised Aloe Vera Gel and Bee Propolis, a natural agent used by bees to maintain the health of the hive, with other ingredients recognised for their contribution to healthy skin. It not only calms minor irritations but moisturises while it works.

Aloe MSM Gel (118g) £18.22

MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane) is a naturally occurring source of organic sulphur, a key component of connective tissues and joints. It is found in every cell in the body. Aloe MSM Gel is a soothing clear gel combining MSM and stabilised Aloe Vera. These two powerful ingredients are combined with herbal extracts. Great where cold therapy is required instead of heat - use it instead of the Aloe Vera Heat Lotion. Suitable for horses, dogs, cats and humans!

Aloe Vera Heat Lotion (118g) £11.89

Aloe Vera in a heat producing formulation which encourages blood supply. Suitable for use where increased circulation would be beneficial. Particularly useful for its soothing action on joints, ligaments and muscles. In animals it is essential that it is applied directly to the skin and not on to the hair.

Aloe Sunscreen (118g) £11.89

Specially formulated with ingredients that shield the skin from the harmful effects of over-exposure to the sun and wind. Can be used on sensitive ear-tips and noses to protect and soothe. Greys and other horses with pink/sensitive areas will find the Lotion soothes, cools and moisturises. High protection (SPF 30).

Aloe Liquid Soap (473ml) £10.32

Rich in soothing Aloe Vera, this ‘no tears’ formula is excellent for bathing small or large animals. Equally suited to removing mud after a country walk or cleaning delicate skin types prior to applying other products, Aloe Liquid Soap will clean without irritation. It comes complete with a handy pump top that makes for easy bathing, whether the family pet or a top show breed!

Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo (237ml) £13.72

Aloe Vera adds strong anti-fungal and other well known properties to this mild, but deep cleansing shampoo. Combined with the moisturising and conditioning properties of jojoba oil, it will leave your animals’ coats, manes and tails tangle-free and shining with health.

Forever Bright Toothgel (130ml) £5.57

Well-liked by our human customers, this high in aloe, refreshing toothgel is ideal for your pet’s teeth, too. Reducing the build-up of plaque and tartar on the teeth, while gently soothing the gum areas, it has a low-abrasiveness factor and leaves teeth sparkling clean.

The beneficial use of Aloe Vera on animals is well documented from as far back as 1750 BC. In 1844 Veterinary Schools in the UK were granted a Royal Charter to become the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Aloe was so much a part of their everyday work that the college chose to depict Aloe Vera in its coat of arms. A Centaur, the half-human, half-horse being of Greek mythology, is shown carrying a shield bearing an Aloe Plant.

The range of FLP Aloe Vera products is not solely for humans but can be used on animals of all types. These range from pet goldfish to racehorses, from pet dogs to pot belly pigs. Most farmyard animals have gained benefits from the use of Aloe Vera and it can even be used on snakes and lizards.

Professionals using the FLP product range include vets, equine consultants and owners of kennels and catteries. Now you too can give the animal in your life the benefit of Aloe Vera.